A Long Time Coming, A Long Way Away

by Brahman

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Brahman's debut album, "A Long Time Coming, A Long Way Away."

Brahman is:

Sam Attaya - Bass
Tom Campbell - Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Ethan Fortin - Lead Guitar
Will Matern - Drums

"Brahman do a good job of mixing lyrical stories with complex rhythms and instrumentation... The electric guitar playing on the album is fluid and well executed. The vocals are clear and sweet at times and other times they are screeching howls that seem about to break at any moment, but don't. Throughout the album the drums and bass work in sync to hold the band together."
-A. Polk, Polk Records review

"An early highlight is “I Guess I Should Be Thanking You,” which begins with a slow Floydian intro before morphing into a rock anthem that mounts in intensity. Influences like Radiohead, Sonic Youth and The Velvet Underground can all be felt."
- The Wire, Portsmouth

"Brahman, on the other hand, have a much darker rock style going on. “I Guess I Should Be Thanking You” is a stellar example of how a simple guitar riff, basic drumming, and quiet, pleasant vocals, can be just as commanding as the opposite."
- Andrew Fersch, Performer Magazine, October 2010 issue

"After a few listens, this is a song [Skinny Blondes in Skinny Jeans] that will really grow on you; actually, that could be said about the entire album. ‘The Woods Are Where’ and ‘By The River’ are definite highlights. Or maybe it’s the soundtrack to any strong emotion; well, maybe except elation. There isn’t a lot of elation on this album."
-"Alright, I'm Wrong" Music Blog


released August 12, 2010

Recorded by Travis Hagan at Starfish Audio Productions in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Mastered by Nick Zampiello and Rob Gonnella at New Alliance East in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Cover photo by Megan Kelley
Cover design by Dan Suder

We would like to thank: Travis Hagan, Luke Goudreault, Mike Holland, Dennis Campbell, Megan Kelley, Dan Suder, Dan Roberts, Brian O'Connor, Patrick McAfee, The New Highway Hymnal, Let's Get Married, our friends and family, and, of course, our fans.



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Brahman Seabrook

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